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Friday Photos: If the Shoe Fits

This past week, some of our Education staff attended the 2014 National Art Education Association Convention. I’ve had the great fortune to attend this convention annually since 2004. I personally look forward to it every year for a number of reasons: hearing about the great work of museum colleagues around the country, spending time with DMA colleagues outside of our work environment, making friends and connections at other museums, and exploring the host city and all it has to offer.

This year’s conference was in beautiful San Diego. Even though it was a work trip, it still felt like a mini vacation. How could it not, with this view outside of my hotel room?


I attended many interesting sessions and took a lot of notes. I always make a point of reviewing my notes soon after I return from a conference, knowing that there are great ideas I can apply to my own professional practice.

While speaking with my officemate Amanda Batson after we returned, we discovered that we both bought shoes during our trip.

Amanda and Me 1

This inspired me to hunt for fabulous footwear throughout the DMA. Look for these sweet kicks during your next visit!

Art Beauty Shoppe detail

Find these stylish ladies on the fourth floor

Commodore Trunnion detail

Not a shoe, but still pretty cool: Jack Hatchway is a one-legged veteran of the sea, shown here in a painting inspired by The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle by Tobias Smollett

Reves detail

Look for these delicate shoes in the Belle Chambre of the Wendy and Emery Reves Collection

Japanese figure detail

I love these Japanese sandals, called geta, though I can’t imagine walking in them

Indian dancer detail

This Indian dancer performs barefooted, but with many anklets that make their own music as she dances

Picasso detail

The bust in the lower left of this painting is thought to be a kind of visual signature for this revolutionary Spanish artist

YM detail

A young artist reimagines the high heel, made entirely of pencils and found objects

Happy shoe hunting!

Artworks shown:

  • Isaac Soyer, Art Beauty Shoppe, 1934, Dallas Museum of Art, gift of the Public Works of Art Project
  • Francis William Edmonds, Commodore Trunnion and Jack Hatchway, c. 1839, Dallas Museum of Art, gift of Maxus Energy and Nina B. Super by exchange, the Roberta Coke Camp Fund and the General Acquisitions Fund
  • Belle Chambre, Dallas Museum of Art, Wendy and Emery Reves Collection
  • Figurine, Japan, late 19th century, Dallas Museum of Art, Foundation for the Arts Collection, The John R. Young Collection, Mrs. John B. O’Hara Fund
  • Dancing Figure, India, Probably 12th–13th century, Dallas Museum of Art, gift of the Alvin and Lucy Owsley Foundation
  • Pablo Picasso, The Guitarist, 1965, Dallas Museum of Art, The Art Museum League Fund
  • April Armstrong, Lead Foot, 2013, Plano East Senior High School, featured in Young Masters 2014

Melissa Gonzales
Center for Creative Connections Gallery Manager

Permanent Waves and Lipstick Craves

When my husband, Bryan, unexpectedly told me that he had redeemed the Art Beauty Shoppe reward from the DMA Friends program, I could hardly contain my “blow-your-wig” (check out other 1930s lingo) excitement. Bryan and I are in love with the DMA. We are both researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and its close proximity to the Museum allows us to easily enjoy lunch breaks and late night events in one of our favorite places. I was particularly surprised that he had used his points because we were trying to redeem a voucher for the coveted Overnight at the DMA, which takes 100,000 points. (I was actually able to redeem it for us—see you there on November 1!).


Lacey (second from right); her husband, Bryan; her friends; and Pouf stylists

With the Art Beauty Shoppe reward, three of my friends and I were able to have our hair and makeup done in 1930s style and then have photos taken in front of the DMA’s 1934 painting Art Beauty Shoppe by Isaac Soyer. Pouf Blow Dry Salon accommodated the four of us just as if we were the four customers in the painting.

I was elated to get to share my love of the DMA with some of my friends in such a “swell” way. So I gave my friends, Amanda, Stephanie, and Katrina, a “dil-ya-ble” and we hit the Internet and antique malls to find the perfect vintage-style dresses to wear for the occasion.


Bryan had the idea of adding props to make us look as if we were actually sitting in the salon, waiting for our appointment. He found a spring 1934 edition of Women’s Home Companion for us to peruse. I could “bump gums” for hours on that magazine alone, but I digress.

Lacey with her vintage copy of Women's Home Companion

Lacey with her vintage copy of Women’s Home Companion

Amanda was able to find a 1930s cigarette holder, Stephanie brought tons of “snazzy” 1930s-era costume jewelry, and, with the addition of my red hat and mirror, we knew we were going to look like a group of “hot tomatoes.”

Lacey with her red hat

Lacey with her red hat

Amanda with her cigarette holder (don't worry, there were no cigarettes!)

Amanda with her cigarette holder (don’t worry, there were no cigarettes!)

The day of the photo shoot went off with a “bang”! We had quite the “hop.” The ladies from Pouf did an amazing job. They even saved the day when Katrina’s hair hadn’t quite dried enough—she ended up with quite a cool up-do. With our “keen” makeup and “nobby” hair, we posed our hearts out in front of the compelling painting. It was so much fun!

Katrina with her updo

Katrina with her up-do

Stephanie with the vintage mirror

Stephanie with the vintage mirror

Then, to top it off, Sarah Coffey—DMA assistant to the chair of learning initiatives, and organizer of the event—wasn’t going to take back stage or “goldbrick” around. She gave us a history of the painting and style of the time period. What I found most interesting was that not only did Soyer have his friends pose for the painting, but the granddaughter of the woman with the red hat actually spoke to the Museum about the piece. She informed them that her grandmother had just been engaged to her grandfather prior to sitting for the painting, and you can actually see her engagement ring while her nails are being painted a bright red. It’s so fascinating that each piece in the DMA’s collection has its own unique and interesting human history. Thank you so much Dallas Museum of Art for bringing this piece to life for me during such a wonderful experience!

Lacey Smith is a DMA Friend and researcher at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

Friday Photos: Peep Show

For years, I have admired those brave souls who submit entries to the Washington Post Peeps contest.  They always make me laugh, and it amazes me how creative you can get with chicks and bunnies made out of marshmallows.  We thought it might be fun to have our own Peeps mini-contest.  Working in teams, we re-created six works from the DMA’s collections and exhibitions using only Peeps and basic art supplies.  Enjoy our masterPeeps!

Amanda Blake and Leah Hanson, Peep Beauty Shoppe

Inspired by Isaac Soyer's Art Beauty Shoppe

Inspired by Isaac Soyer’s Art Beauty Shoppe

Pilar Wong, Hannah Fullgraf, and Andrea Lesovsky, Banquete chair with Peeps

Inspired by the Campana Brothers' Banquete chair with pandas

Inspired by the Campana Brothers’ Banquete chair with pandas

Danielle Schulz and Alex Vargo, Untitled Peep Stills

Andrea Severin and Sarah Coffey, Kneeling female figure with Peeps

Inspired by Olowe of Ise's Kneeling female figure with bowl (olumeye)

Inspired by Olowe of Ise’s Kneeling female figure with bowl (olumeye)

JC Bigornia and Amy Copeland, Odalisque (Hey, Hey Peeps)

Inspired by Lynda Benglis's Odalisque (Hey, Hey Frankenthaler)

Inspired by Lynda Benglis’s Odalisque (Hey, Hey Frankenthaler)

Melissa Gonzales and Shannon Karol, The Peepers

Inspired by Fernand Leger's The Divers

Inspired by Fernand Leger’s The Divers

Our creations were judged by a panel of illustrious judges: Director of Education Nicole Stutzman Forbes, Evaluator Stefanie Mabadi, and Conservator Mark Leonard.

All of our Peeps creations

All of our Peeps creations

Congratulations to Andrea and Sarah, who won first prize based on their excellent use of only edible materials and their creative use of Peeps!


I think this may be the start of a new yearly tradition on the Canvas blog!

Shannon Karol
Manager of Docent and Teacher Programs


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