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No Safe Place: Solving Another DMA Museum Murder Mystery

It seems no place is safe! Last Friday, the DMA saw yet another murder (we really should do something about that!), but luckily we had some top-notch detectives on hand to help us solve it.

The evening started innocently enough with a painting class, but jealousy and greed reared their heads and poor Miss Mary Pelham paid the price.

With the great sleuthing done by our visitors, we discovered that the murder was committed by Miss Gertrude Murray with the Man’s bracelet in the Decorative Arts and Design After 1900 Gallery.

We documented the night’s events to make sure there was no cry of foul play:


Line-up of the suspects (from left): Helen of Troy, Peasant Woman, Camille Pissarro, Paul Claude Michel Carpentier, Miss Gertrude Murray, Frida Kahlo, Thinking Bodhisattva


Miss Gertrude Murray attempts to conceal her guilt during questioning by some tough investigators.

Stacey Lizotte is DMA League Director of Adult Programs at the DMA.


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