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Friday Photo Post: Texas Space

People often say that Texas has a unique quality of space, and some artists have tried to capture this sense of space.  Look at a few artist’s images of Texas in the DMA’s collections.  Then, show us your idea of Texas space in a photograph.  You are invited to contribute photographs to an interactive display that will be part of the next Center for Creative Connections exhibition Encountering Space, which opens on September 25, 2010.  Visit TEXAS SPACE on Flickr and upload your photographs.  Look below for more details about this opportunity to show off your photographs!

Dallas Skyline by George Grosz

West Texas Landscape by Harry Callahan

El Paso St., El Paso, Texas, July 5, 1975 by Stephen Shore

Guidelines for submitting photos of Texas Space:

  • Feel free to submit multiple photos.
  • Both color and B/W images are welcome.
  • The higher the resolution, the better to show off your photos.
  • It is our intention to include all images; however, the DMA staff reserves the right to omit submissions that are inappropriate in nature.
  • By submitting your photograph, you allow the DMA the right to display it on a monitor within the exhibition and on the Museum’s website. Your name will not be attached to the image.
  • Special Note: In order to have your photos appear in a Flickr Group, you must first create your own personal Flickr account, and that personal account must have at least five images uploaded on it. Please check your account, and if necessary, upload a few more images to ensure your photos are included in the C3 group.
  • To submit, upload your photos to this Flickr group: Texas Space at Flickr

Nicole Stutzman
Director of Teaching Programs and Partnerships

A Sense of Place

Last week, fifteen middle school and high school teachers from around the area participated in the 2010 Museum Forum for Teachers: Modern and Contemporary Art.  During the full day sessions, teachers deepened their understanding of contemporary art and architecture through gallery experiences and discussions with Museum staff, as well as with each other.   Each day was spent at one of five Dallas–Fort Worth institutions: Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Kimbell Art Museum, Dallas Museum of Art, Nasher Sculpture Center, and The Rachofsky House.

There were five themes and ideas that were discussed throughout the week and each institution addressed one or more these through writing, sketching, discussion, or creative responses.

  • A Sense of Place
  • Absence and Presence
  • Memory and Fragmentation
  • Collecting and the Creative Process
  • History as Subject

For me, the thematic connection to “place” was the most thought-provoking and inspiring.   Although a museum is a place that protects works of art and objects, the building itself can be a treasure.  Many of the museum buildings visited during the Forum, like the Kimbell, The Modern, and the Nasher Sculpture Center,  were designed to have a direct relationship with natural light and the outside world.

No space, architecturally, is a space unless it has natural light.    –  Louis Kahn

Place is also communicated through the artwork of Richard Long, Hamish Fulton, and Robert Smithson as they relay their experiences with the natural world through words and materials like sand and stones.  All of these experiences with place, whether I was responding to a work of art or feeling the texture of a wall or column, allowed time for me to look closely and thoughtfully consider my surroundings.

Here are a few images from the 2010 Museum Forum:
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Cast Your Vote for the DMA and Nickelodeon's Parent's Picks!

The Dallas Museum of Art is nominated for Nickelodeon’s Parentsconnect Parent’s Picks Awards for Best Museum in DFW!  The Parents’ Picks Awards is a nationwide online poll that allows parents to vote for their favorite family places, products and parenting tips.  Help us make the DMA a TOP PICK.  Vote for the DMA online at from July 7th until August 31st.

Friday Photo Post

 The Dallas Museum of Art  is full of works of art from around the world. In today’s post, I am focusing on my favorite paintings from Europe and America. Buckle your seatbelt and enjoy your trip!

Amy Wolf
Coordinator of Gallery Teaching

Coming Soon: The 2010-2011 School Year

It’s hard to believe that the summer is almost over.  It seems like just yesterday that Amy and I were blogging about the end of the 2009-2010 school year and now we’re both preparing to schedule Go van Gogh programs and Museum visits for the 2010-2011 school year.

The Museum has an exciting exhibition schedule for the fall, and we will offer a variety of programs, including Teacher Workshops, Go van Gogh programs, and docent-guided visits, inspired by these exhibitions.  You can find more information on our Web site.

I am especially excited to offer the following special exhibition visits for the coming year.  These are topics that will appeal not only to art teachers, but to English and social studies teachers as well:

A complete listing of Teacher Workshops will be available in August, and we will begin taking reservations for Museum visits and Go van Gogh on August 1st (request forms will be available online).  Our calendars fill quickly, so schedule your programs early. We look forward to seeing you and your students at the DMA during the coming year!

Shannon Karol
Coordinator of Museum Visits

The Color Yellow

Today’s post reveals  more about the way I see the world.   I often have a “color of the day” that I look for in my everyday surroundings.   My color for today is  yellow. Thus far, I have noticed 9 business signs, 14 automobiles, 3 shirts, and 4 houses with yellow flowers near the front entrance.   

This morning I went into the galleries and the following artworks caught my eye.    

Gerald Murphy, Watch, 1925

Miguel Covarrubias, Genesis, The Gift of Life, 1954 

Robert Delaunay, The Eiffel Tower, 1924

Panel with rectangles of blue and yellow feathers, c. 650 – 840 A.D., Peru

If you had to choose a color of the day, what color would you choose?

Until next time….

Jenny Marvel
Manager of Programs and Resources for Teachers

July Late Night

Late Nights at the Dallas Museum of Art

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