The Color Yellow

Today’s post reveals  more about the way I see the world.   I often have a “color of the day” that I look for in my everyday surroundings.   My color for today is  yellow. Thus far, I have noticed 9 business signs, 14 automobiles, 3 shirts, and 4 houses with yellow flowers near the front entrance.   

This morning I went into the galleries and the following artworks caught my eye.    

Gerald Murphy, Watch, 1925

Miguel Covarrubias, Genesis, The Gift of Life, 1954 

Robert Delaunay, The Eiffel Tower, 1924

Panel with rectangles of blue and yellow feathers, c. 650 – 840 A.D., Peru

If you had to choose a color of the day, what color would you choose?

Until next time….

Jenny Marvel
Manager of Programs and Resources for Teachers


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