Uncrated, the blog of the Dallas Museum of Art,  presents insights from all departments of the Museum. Exhibitions, Curatorial, Collections, Education, Programming, Development, and a few special guests will share their voices in bi-weekly posts providing a behind-the-scenes look into life at the DMA. The goal of Uncrated is to encourage a deeper relationship with the Museum and its collections and programs while providing exciting and valuable information about the Museum as a whole.

About the name Uncrated — all works of art that enter the Museum arrive in wooden crates built to protect them. Our blog takes its name from these custom made crates and the treasures that are revealed once they are opened. Through this blog, we hope that readers will be able to see a little further into the DMA and discover even more treasures of their own at the Museum.

For more information about the DMA please visit our website DMA.org.

Blog Guidelines and Policies

Uncrated is written and produced by a collaborative team at the DMA. We encourage comments and suggestions but please understand that disrespectful, obscene, or hurtful remarks will be deleted.

We Will Delete Your Post if:

  • It has absolutely nothing to do with the Dallas Museum of Art and does not stem off of a relevant conversation.
  • It contains or promotes incorrect factual information about the Dallas Museum of Art*
  • It is an advertisement or spam, promoting an unidentified link.
  • It uses offensive/foul language.
  • It attacks an individual or group.

We Will Not Delete Your Post if:

  • You have a point of view that we do not agree with.
  • You have a question or concern with an event you attended in the Dallas Museum of Art.

*This is to prevent confusion regarding the history, events, etc. at the DMA. We will make every effort to answer any questions about the Dallas Museum of Art.


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