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Friday Photos: Peep Show

For years, I have admired those brave souls who submit entries to the Washington Post Peeps contest.  They always make me laugh, and it amazes me how creative you can get with chicks and bunnies made out of marshmallows.  We thought it might be fun to have our own Peeps mini-contest.  Working in teams, we re-created six works from the DMA’s collections and exhibitions using only Peeps and basic art supplies.  Enjoy our masterPeeps!

Amanda Blake and Leah Hanson, Peep Beauty Shoppe

Inspired by Isaac Soyer's Art Beauty Shoppe

Inspired by Isaac Soyer’s Art Beauty Shoppe

Pilar Wong, Hannah Fullgraf, and Andrea Lesovsky, Banquete chair with Peeps

Inspired by the Campana Brothers' Banquete chair with pandas

Inspired by the Campana Brothers’ Banquete chair with pandas

Danielle Schulz and Alex Vargo, Untitled Peep Stills

Andrea Severin and Sarah Coffey, Kneeling female figure with Peeps

Inspired by Olowe of Ise's Kneeling female figure with bowl (olumeye)

Inspired by Olowe of Ise’s Kneeling female figure with bowl (olumeye)

JC Bigornia and Amy Copeland, Odalisque (Hey, Hey Peeps)

Inspired by Lynda Benglis's Odalisque (Hey, Hey Frankenthaler)

Inspired by Lynda Benglis’s Odalisque (Hey, Hey Frankenthaler)

Melissa Gonzales and Shannon Karol, The Peepers

Inspired by Fernand Leger's The Divers

Inspired by Fernand Leger’s The Divers

Our creations were judged by a panel of illustrious judges: Director of Education Nicole Stutzman Forbes, Evaluator Stefanie Mabadi, and Conservator Mark Leonard.

All of our Peeps creations

All of our Peeps creations

Congratulations to Andrea and Sarah, who won first prize based on their excellent use of only edible materials and their creative use of Peeps!


I think this may be the start of a new yearly tradition on the Canvas blog!

Shannon Karol
Manager of Docent and Teacher Programs

Friday Photos: Summer Inspirations

If you haven’t already, you should take the advice of my colleague Hannah and Vacay at the DMA.  Not only are there family-friendly experiences to uncover, there are lots of works of art to inspire your summer vacation.  For example:

Soak up some sun on the beach.

Albert Marquet, The Beach at Trouville, c. 1906, Dallas Museum of Art, gift of the Meadows Foundation Incorporated

Spend the afternoon playing tennis.

George L.K. Morris, Mixed Doubles, c.1948, Dallas Museum of Art, gift of David T. Owsley via the Alvin and Lucy Owsley and Alconda-Owsley Foundations

Paint en plein air in France.

Paul Signac, Comblat-le-Chateau, the Meadow (Le Pre), Opus 161, June-July 1887, Dallas Museum of Art, The Eugene and Margaret McDermott Art Fund, Inc., in honor of Bonnie Pitman

Do some gardening…but beware of those pesky garden snakes.

Mark Handforth, Dallas Snake, 2007, Dallas Museum of Art, DMA/amfAR Benefit Auction Fund and Lay Family Acquisition Fund

And when the heat becomes too much to bear, go swimming.

Fernand Leger, The Divers (Red and Black), 1942, Dallas Museum of Art, Foundation for the Arts Collection, gift of the James H. and Lillian Clark Foundation

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Loryn Leonard
Coordinator of Museum Visits


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