Intern Update

postcard from Justin Greelee's travels in Italy

 A few short months ago, we said farewell to our interns Logan Acton and Justin Greenlee, and last week we welcomed our new interns for 2010-2011, Karen Colbert and Ashley Bruckbauer.   

Logan Acton, Assistant to the Director of Education

Since wrapping up their internships, Justin and Logan have both been very busy. Justin left the States for Italy to work for a study abroad program run by his alma mater, Kenyon College.  He’s had the chance to do a lot of traveling — mostly art-related — including an amazing trip to Assisi.  

Logan completed his M.A. in Aesthetic Studies from The University of Texas at Dallas and was hired in August as a full-time DMA staffer. He is now the Assistant to the Director of Education, and we are thrilled to get to continue working with him.  

Ashley Bruckbauer, McDermott Intern

 Ashley Bruckbauer is the new McDermott Intern for Programs and Resources for Teachers. She received her B.A. from Southern Methodist University in Art History and Advertising Management. Her experiences prior to joining the DMA are graduate-level research in France, an internship at the Crow Collection of Asian Art, and teaching abroad in Shanghai, China.  

Karen Colbert, McDermott Intern

 Karen Colbert is the new McDermott Intern for Teaching Programs. She is currently completing her Master’s degree in Art Education, with a focus on museum education and arts leadership, at the University of North Texas. Before joining the DMA staff, Karen was an educator at the Women’s Museum in Dallas and an art teacher with the Dallas Independent School District. 

 We are excited to have Ashley and Karen on our team for the 2010-2011 school year! Keep an eye on this blog for upcoming posts about their experiences as DMA interns. 

Molly Kysar
Head of Teaching Programs


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