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Winter Wonderland

Oh, the weather outside is not so frightful
But inside the Museum it’s so delightful
And since we’ve got no real snow, let your disappointment go, let it go, let it go

Man it doesn’t show signs of ever startin’
So I brought some paintings for viewin’
The canvas’ don’t require shovelin’ though
Let it go, it’s not gonna snow, let it go

Dallas in Winter

Guy Carleton Wiggins, Dallas in Winter, 1942, oil on canvas, Dallas Museum of Art, the Patsy Lacy Griffith Collection, bequest of Patsy Lacy Griffith, 2001.175

East Dallas House in Snow

John Breckinridge Martin, East Dallas House in Snow, 1913, pastel on paper, Dallas Museum of Art, gift of Maggie Joe and Alexandre Hogue, 1986.229

Winter Landscape, Fort Lee NJ.

James P. Knox, Winter Landscape, Fort Lee NJ., 1923, oil on board, Dallas Museum of Art, gift of Mrs. W. A. Morrison in memory of Mrs. Alvin M. Owsley, 1992.29


Guy Carleton Wiggins, Fifth Avenue in Winter, c. 1911–1912, oil on canvas, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas Art Association, 1912.4

Winter Morning

Leonard Ochtman, Winter Morning, 1911, oil on canvas, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas Art Association Purchase, 1912.2

Julie Henley is the Communications and Marketing Coordinator at the Dallas Museum of Art


 Where it’s snowing
All winter through
That’s where I want to be
Snowball throwing
That’s what I’ll do
How I’m longing to ski
Through the snow-oh-oh-oh-oh
-Irving Berlin
Here at the DMA, we have been dreaming of some snow-oh-oh-oh-oh, so here’s to past snow days at the Museum and the hope for more to come!

Julie Henley is the Communications and Marketing Coordinator at the DMA. 

Friday Photos: A Flurry of Art

Winter has blanketed us here in Dallas today, providing quite a picturesque setting for our art.

Kelly snow



Enjoy our Texas snow and stay warm out there!

Sarah Coffey
Education Coordinator

Friday Photos: Mercurial Mother Nature

In case any of us had forgotten, last week’s surprising plunge in temperature certainly served as a reminder of Texas weather’s tendency to change at whim. The days may be warming back up (however briefly), but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate what the Museum’s collection has to offer on Mother Nature’s more mercurial moods!

Whatever the weather may bring, you can always come see A Mountain Landscape with Approaching Storm on Level 2 in our European gallery, and explore the rest of the works shown here through the DMA’s Online Collection. Have a happy Friday!

Jennifer Sheppard
McDermott Intern for Family and Access Teaching

Winter Break: Where the Treetops Glisten

May your days be merry and bright and may all your Christmases be white!

Courtyard in the DMA offices covered in snow

Fleischner Courtyard covered in snow

Sarah Coffey
Assistant to the Chair of Learning Initiatives

Let It Snow…

With the holidays right around the corner, I find myself feeling nostalgic for the winters of my childhood.  I grew up in Michigan, so I’m used to having lots of snow and a “white Christmas.”  Living in Dallas, where it’s 60 degrees in December, I sometimes forget that this is actually winter!  To get myself into the holiday spirit, I set out to explore images of snowy fun in our collection.*  Happy Holidays!

In front of Francis Guy's Winter Scene in Brooklyn, c. 1817-1820

Shannon Karol
Tour Coordinator

Anna Mary Robertson Moses, The Owlkill, 1950

Detail of The Owlkill. I want to go sledding!

Detail of Berthe Morisot's Winter (Woman with a Muff). I had a muff when I was little and loved it.

*My colleagues in the Family Programs department are also getting into the holiday spirit.  Be sure to check out the DMA Family Blog, We Art Family, to read their version of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.


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