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When the Clock Strikes Twelve

All over the world, the new year is a time to celebrate renewal, prosperity, and hope for the future. In many cultures, the count down to midnight is a time for traditions. In Australia, it’s tradition to bang pots and pans loudly at midnight; in Taiwan, eating fish (for prosperity) for Chinese New Year is a must; in Venezuela, wearing yellow underwear on New Years is lucky; first-footing in Scotland has been a tradition for centuries; and in the United States–particularly in the South–we eat black-eyed peas for good luck.

Here are a few of the clocks at the Dallas Museum of Art that are ticking in anticipation to celebrate the New Year tonight at midnight.

Best wishes for a happy 2016!

Whitney Sirois
McDermott Graduate Intern for Gallery and Community Teaching

Toasting the New Year

As New Year’s Eve is upon us, we thought it only appropriate to pop, fizz, and clink our way through the collection with some objects created for cocktails. We hope they inspire you to raise a glass and ring in an artful 2015. To get you off to the right start, we’ve got plenty of lively libations in store during our first Late Night of 2015 on January 16. Enjoy the winning cocktail from our Creative Cocktail Contest and then take a tour of more objects perfect for cocktail hour. Cheers and Happy New Year!


Sarah Coffey is the Education Coordinator at the DMA.

Toasting the New Year

Wishing everyone a safe and happy new year!

Sarah Coffey
Education Coordinator

We'll Take A Cup O' Kindness Yet, For Auld Lang Syne

May your cups runneth over with joy and cheer in 2011!  The DMA Teaching Programs staff wishes you all the best for a happy new year.

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Nicole Stutzman
Director of Teaching Programs and Partnerships


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