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Walk Like an Egyptian

Happy Friday!  I was listening to my iPod this morning and the song “Walk Like an Egyptian” by the Bangles came on.  I decided this song would be my anthem for the day.  I couldn’t get the following lyric out of my head.

“All the old paintings on the tombs, they do the sand dance, don’t you know.  If they move too quick (Oh Way Oh), they’re falling down like a domino.”     

Here are a few artworks that caught my eye today.    

Relief of a procession of offering bearers from the
tomb of Ny-Ank-Nesut, 2575-2134 BC, Painted Limestone
Head and upper torso of                                                         Mummy Mask, Egyptian:
Seti I, 1302 – 1200 BC                                                         Probably 1st – 2nd century,
Granite                                                                                        Cartonnage, pigment, and
                                                                                             gold leaf, Dallas Museum of Art,
                                                                                          Gift of Elsa von Seggern, 1996.63
Next time you are in the Egyptian gallery, strike a pose and “Walk Like an Egyptian.”  (Oh Way Oh)    

Until next time….   

Jenny Marvel
Manager of Learning Partnerships with Schools  


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