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Friday Photos: Drawing with Light



The theme for December’s First Tuesday program was City of Light, inspired by one of the Dallas Museum of Art’s current exhibitions, Posters of Paris: Toulouse-Lautrec and His Contemporaries. One of the exciting activities offered was Drawing with Light.  Families experimented with flashlights, laser pointers, and traffic wands to create a drawing in the air with light. The drawings were created using digital SLR cameras set on 15 second exposure time, which enabled all of the movements to be captured. All of the photographs taken during this activity were posted to the Center for Creative Connections’ Flickr account.  The activity was a great success and even Arturo, the Museum’s family mascot, took part!

Arturo making his own drawing with light!

Arturo making his own drawing with light!

Danielle Schulz
McDermott Intern for Family Experiences


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