The Canines Behind the Canvas

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend, but can they also be his muse? The following artists sure thought so! These four-legged friends were never far from their master’s side, eager to give a bark of approval for work well done or a shake of the muzzle to try again, and, in dire circumstances, to lend their tail as an extra paint brush. These furry entourages inspired, encouraged, and lent a paw whenever they could to their famous owners. Happy National Dog Day to the creative canines behind the canvas!

David Hockney with his models, Stanley and Boogie

Georgia O’Keeffe getting some air with her fluffy chow companions

Jackson Pollock taking a breather with Gyp and Ahab

Pablo Picasso adventuring with his beloved dachshund Lump

Andy Warhol with his favorite army candy . . . his dachshund Archie

Frida Kahlo with her hairless, but not heartless, Xoloitzacuintli dogs

Julie Henley is the Communications and Marketing Coordinator at the DMA.

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