Friday Photos: Work Pals on the Job!

In an effort to build relationships, mutual understanding and internal support, the Education Division decided to institute work pals. Check out some of the new confidants and buddies that have been formed by just drawing names from a hat! Think about ways that you can boost morale, have fun, and establish these types of working relationships in your workplace.workpal

Work pals Rhiannon and Amanda love sending notes of encouragement and fun gifts throughout the week. Rhiannon is our Volunteer Coordinator and Amanda is the C3 Program Coordinator.


Amanda, Head of Family, Access, and School Experiences, and Andrea, Interpretation Specialist, bond by grabbing a cup of joe. They make the perfect work pals! Amanda said, “something I found out about Andrea is that she loves color, interior design, and I am super impressed by her crafting abilities. She is making all of the bouquets and centerpieces for her upcoming wedding! We of course both love dogs and talked about a future work pal dog date!”


These two share a love for family and togetherness! Melissa, C3 Gallery Manager, and Leah, Manager of Early Learning Programs, really enjoy their time together exploring the collection!

Amy and Amelia

McDermott Interns Amy and Amelia have been spending a lot of quality time with Wendell, our Jazz in the Atrium Program Coordinator. Amy and Amelia are planning to shadow Wendell during Jazz in the Atrium and learn all about what he does in the Adult Programming department. These two admire Wendell and say that he is a very funny and humble man.


Our Head of Adult Programming and our Teaching Specialist decided to get to know each other better while they attended the State Fair of Texas during our annual Education Fair Day. Stacey and Danielle give a big thumbs up as they said howdy to our very own Big Tex!

Sarah and Hayley

And here’s Sarah, Assistant to the Chair of Learning Initiatives, and McDermott Intern Hayley, also enjoying the State Fair of Texas! They tried the 2013 Big Tex Choice Award Winner for Most Creative: Fried Thanksgiving Dinner. They also discovered that they are both Anglophiles who love the Royal Family. But while Sarah dreamed of marrying Prince William, Haley had her eyes on Prince Harry!

Here are a few suggestions to do with your work pal:

  • Meet for coffee/tea to learn more about your duties or role.
  • Brainstorm together on future projects–It’s a great opportunity to gain a fresh perspective.
  • Send each other encouraging emails or handwritten notes!
  • Shadow each other for a few hours to gain more knowledge of your respective positions.
  • Take some tips from my co-workers by getting to know one another and having a little fun on the job!

Amanda Batson
C3 Program Coordinator

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