Friday Photos: Haute Couture at the DMA

Jean Paul Gaultier is well known for his creative use of unusual materials when crafting his clothing lines. While he employs many materials that are typical  of the fashion industry, such as silk, furs, tulle, and lace, he also experiments with more uncommon items such as wheat, chicken feathers, aluminum cans, trash bags, and human hair. It is this wide use of sometimes strange materials that inspired this Friday Photos edition of Haute Couture at the DMA.

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What types of materials would you use to make your own line of clothing?

Jessica Kennedy

McDermott Intern for Gallery Teaching

Images used:

Pair of Lokapalas (Heavenly Guardians), early 8th century, earthenware with three color (sancai) lead glazes, China, Dallas Museum of Art, The Eugene and Margaret McDermott Art Fund, Inc., in honor of, Ellen and Harry S. Parker III

Nature or Abundance (La Nature or Fécondité), Léon Frédéric, 1897, oil on canvas, Dallas Museum of Art, Foundation for the Arts Collection, Mrs. John B. O’Hara Fund

Joan of Arc, Anna Hyatt Huntington, n.d., bronze, Dallas Museum of Art, Kiest Memorial Fund

Emma in a Purple Dress, George W. Bellows, 1920-1923, oil on canvas, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas Art Association Purchase

Mink and Mannequin, Reginald Marsh, 1940, watercolor, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas Art Association Purchase

Portrait of Two Children, Probably the Sons of M. Almeric Berthier, comte de LaSalle, Jean-Joseph Vaudechamp, 1841, oil on canvas, Dallas Museum of Art, The Patsy Lacy Griffith Collection, gift of Patsy Lacy Griffith by exchange

Xipe impersonator, Aztec culture, Late Postclassic period, c. A.D. 1350-1521, volcanic stone, shell, and paint, Mexico City area, state of Mexico, Mexico, North America, Dallas Museum of Art, gift of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene McDermott, the McDermott Foundation, and Mr. and Mrs. Algur H. Meadows and the Meadows Foundation, Incorporated

Takenouchi no Sukune Meets the Dragon King of the Sea, Japan, Meiji period (1868-1912), 1875-1879, bronze and glass,  Dallas Museum of Art, Foundation for the Arts Collection, The John R. Young Collection, gift of M. Frances and John R. Young


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