Vocal Colors: A Brilliant Night at the DMA

On February 9th artistic director Ryan Taylor and the ensemble cast of Vocal Colors put on a great show at the Dallas Museum of Art.  This unique event put the arts on stage as singers, actors, dancers, and musicians from all over the country offered performances responding to artworks in the museum’s collection.  Researched months in advance, each artist’s contribution animated their chosen artwork, providing a fresh, sonic viewpoint.  The music was both moving and playful, reverent and funny—ear and eye-awakening.  Abraham Walkowitz’s Isadora Duncan Dancing was an artistic lynchpin for the night, but the works of art chosen for response ranged from ancient Chinese art, with Figure of a Court Lady and “Mo Li Hua” (a traditional Chinese folksong) to modern radio, with Nocturne Radio and “Moon Over Miami.”  The high point of the night, however, was a moving and brilliant selection from a secretive Vatican mass titled “Miserere Mei,” accompanying the DMA’s ambient and terrifying new acquisition of David Altmejd’s The Eye (to hear “Miserere Mei,” click here).  A playful moment was provided by soprano Ava Pine, and her choice of William Bolcom’s “Amor” to accompany Erte’s Aphrodite.  Erte’s work shows a real femme fatale, beautiful and lethal, parasol in hand.   Aphrodite came to life on the DMA stage, and she (or was it Ms. Pine?) had everyone shouting “Amor, Amor, Amor, Amor!”  Keep an eye out for other great offerings from Arts and Letters Live, including the upcoming performance of Texas Bound: Texas Short Series I, at the Dee and Charles Wyly Theater (to purchase tickets, call 214.922.1818).  The show will also feature visual responses from students at Booker T. Washington, not to be missed!

Justin Greenlee

McDermott Intern, Learning Partnerships Department

Aphrodite, by Erte

The Eye, by David Altmejd

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