Finding Inspiration

When I am in need of inspiration, I often wander through the Museum galleries and look at works of art.   Admittedly, I am most drawn to artworks and spaces that focus on nature, have brilliant colors, or encourage moments of self reflection.   Below are a few of my favorite galleries.  

Southeast Asian Art Gallery

19th Century European Art Gallery

Sculpture Garden

Decorative Arts Gallery



If you find you need inspiration, I encourage you to come to the Dallas Museum of Art and let your feet, eyes, and mind wander throughout the galleries.

Until Next Time….

Jenny Marvel
Manager of Learning Partnerships with Schools

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  1. 1 Jonathan Fontenot February 14, 2010 at 12:58 am

    So I must say I’m always surprised by photos from the DMA collection. I always, and I mean always get lost in the permanent collection and usually find a new niche of the museum. I just wish I had a gps for each visit ; )

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