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Get to Know an Artist: Helen Brooks, “Profile”

Helen Brooks, Profile, about 1935, charcoal, Dallas Art League Purchase Prize, Seventh Annual Dallas Allied Arts Exhibition, 1935.13

Eighty-five years ago, on March 24, 1935, the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts opened its seventh annual Dallas Allied Arts Exhibition. That same day, an illustrated spread in the Dallas Morning News announced the show’s 12 first-prize winners, all but two of which are now in the DMA’s collection. Helen Brooks’s Profile, the only self-portrait of the bunch, appears at bottom center, adding a touch of humanity to a roster of mostly landscapes and still lifes. Reviewing Dallas’s 1934-1935 art season for the Dallas Morning News a few months later, artist, critic, and future Museum Director Jerry Bywaters called Brooks’s work “one of the best drawings of the season.”

Clip from Dallas Morning News, “The Prize Winners,” March 24, 1935; clip from Dallas Morning News, January 5, 1936

When a show of self-portraits by 27 local artists opened at the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts in January 1936, Bywaters again had nothing but praise for Brooks’s contribution, declaring in the News, “It is hard to imagine a more thoroughly convincing likeness or better drawing than the small work by Helen Brooks.” One can imagine Brooks appreciating Bywaters’ complimentary words; however, she may have raised an eyebrow at an earlier section of the 1936 article, where Bywaters applauded what he saw as the exhibition artists’ lack of vanity: “In most cases,” he wrote, the self-portraits on display “attempt to make a good rendering of a person who may be considered detachedly as a personality or a lemon [something substandard, disappointing].” Ouch, Jerry.  
Bywaters’ mixed messaging aside, Profile and the later, three-quarters-view portrait reveal Brooks to be both a talented artist and a woman with a keen sense of style. She skillfully captures distinctive facial features like her sharp cheekbones; bow-shaped, downturned lips; and receding chin. Her glossy black bob with short, blunt bangs and finger waves, as well as her thinly plucked, arched brows, wouldn’t look out of place on a 1920s movie starlet—a photograph that accompanied news of Brooks’s recent wedding in October 1936 could practically double as a Golden Age Hollywood headshot. #HaircutGoals 

Clip from Dallas Morning News, “Back from Wedding Trip,” October 18, 1936

Melinda Narro is the McDermott Graduate Intern for American Art at the Dallas Museum of Art.

Friday Photos: Featuring Texas

Today’s Friday Photos features a selection of pieces from the Dallas Museum of Art’s permanent collection that were purchased with the Texas Artists Fund. The DMA is dedicated to supporting Texas artists through acquisitions, Awards to Artists grants, and exhibitions such as the upcoming DallasSITES: Charting Contemporary Art 1963 to Present, a show that celebrates the history of the North Texas art scene and opens here at the DMA on May 26, 2013.

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Featured Works:

  • Helen Altman, Pig, 1995, Dallas Museum of Art, Texas Artists Fund and gift of Karol Howard and George Morton.
  • Kelli Connell, Giggle, 2002, Dallas Museum of Art, Texas Artists Fund.
  • James Drake, Valley of the World, 1994, Dallas Museum of Art, Texas Artists Fund.
  • Adrian Esperanza, Here and There, 2002, Dallas Museum of Art, Texas Artists Fund.
  • Patrick Faulhaber, Glo, 1997, Dallas Museum of Art, Texas Artists Fund.
  • Sam Gummelt, Jacksboro, 1971, Dallas Museum of Art, Texas Artists Fund
  • Benny Joseph, Couple Dancing, Eldorado Ballroom, Houston, negative 1962, print 1988, Dallas Museum of Art, Texas Artists Fund.
  • Barbara Maples, Plastic Boxes 2, c. 1967-1968, Dallas Museum of Art, Texas Artists Fund.
  • Nic Nicosia, Untitled (Floor Painting), 2009, Dallas Museum of Art, Texas Artists Fund.
  • John Pomara, Deadline No. 5, 2001, Dallas Museum of Art, Texas Artists Fund.
  • Allison V. Smith, Hall Pass. February 2006. Marathon, TX, 2006, Dallas Museum of Art, Texas Artists Fund.

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