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Cookie Monster Learns to Weave

Cookie Monster, who was in town for a Sesame Street Live performance, visited the DMA and tried his hand—paw?—at weaving. Cookie Monster’s visit on February 28, 1995, included a lesson in weaving from experts demonstrating the use of looms that were on display in the Gateway Gallery, now the DMA’s Center for Creative Connections, for the exhibition The Art of the Loom.

I hope Cookie Monster brings a smile to your day, as he always does to mine.

Hillary Bober is the Archivist at the Dallas Museum of Art.

Me Want Art: Cookie Monster’s DMA Birthday

In order to celebrate the birthday of Sesame Street’s iconic Cookie Monster, Uncrated decided to go a little further with our imagination.

What would it be like if Cookie Monster stopped by the Museum? Would he try and serve up his tasty confections to guests at the Cafe? Or would he blend in and wait for the rest of the Sesame Street gang in the atrium?

Here’s how we think Cookie Monster would spend a day at the DMA.

Cookie5 Cookie4 Cookie3 Cookie2 Cookie1

Gregory Castillo is the Multimedia Producer at the DMA 

ARTifacts: Harwood Street Meets Sesame Street

Did you know—or remember—that a few special Sesame Street residents came to the DMA? Bert, Ernie and friends joined the celebration for the new downtown Museum by entertaining our youngest visitors on opening day, January 29, 1984.

Sesame Street characters at the DMA, 1984

Sesame Street characters at the DMA, 1984

Ernie at the DMA, 1984

Ernie at the DMA, 1984

Bert at the DMA, 1984

Bert at the DMA, 1984

Honkers at the DMA, 1984

Honker at the DMA, 1984

Hillary Bober is the digital archivist at the Dallas Museum of Art.


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