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Holiday Lights, Camera, Action!

Every December, I get in a merry holiday spirit and devote the month to putting up decorations in my apartment and listening to festive music both at home and in my car. But my favorite part is watching an endless amount of holiday movies. And with holiday classics on the brain, I can’t go long without being reminded of one of my many favorite films while going about my day- even while working here at the Museum!

Take a look at the following works of art found here at the DMA and read the clues below each image. Put your holiday movie knowledge to the test and see if you can figure out which movie each work of art is most reminiscent of. Click the link paired with each image to see if your guess is correct!


Nic Nicosia, Vacation, 1986, Dallas Museum of Art, gift of Meisel Photochrome Corporation

It’s time for a holiday vacation spent with kids and the spouse. Just be careful stringing thousands of lights on the house!


Lucille Jeffries, Woman Reading Beside Square Top House, n.d., Dallas Museum of Art, gift of Mrs. C.P. Wright.

Having the house to yourself for the holidays may seem ideal, but beware of bumbling burglars who are on a mission to steal.


Ruth L. Guinzburg, Love Birds, n.d., Dallas Museum of Art, gift of Mrs. Robert A. Beyers

Do you feel it in your fingers? Do you feel it in your toes? For these holiday love birds, their love just grows and grows!


Boston and Sandwich Glass Company, Lamp, c. 1860-1875, Dallas Museum of Art, gift of the Dallas Glass Club

It’s an event-filled holiday for a boy wanting a B.B. gun, complete with a leg lamp, a bunny suit, and decoder pen fun!

afternoon train

Doris Lee, Afternoon Train, 1944, Dallas Museum of Art, Foundation for the Arts, The Alfred and Juanita Bromberg Collection

All aboard a magical train to the north, where hot chocolate, Santa, and adventures come forth!

So how did you do? Are you a Roger Ebert in training or does your movie knowledge need a little brushing up? Tell us in the comments and be sure to let us know which holiday movie you find yourself re-watching every year!

Amy Elms
McDermott Education Intern for Visitor Engagement


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