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Friday Photos: New in C3

This week we had to say goodbye to some old friends, these works of art that were deinstalled from the Center for Creative Connections:

Saying goodbye is always hard–these works have served as inspiration for countless drawings, activities, and conversations. However, we are happy to welcome a collection of nine retablos and exvotos (devotional paintings that serve as offerings of gratitude), as well as another lithograph by Luis Jimenez from the Progress Suite series.


Luis Alfonso Jimenez Jr., Progress Suite, 1979, Dallas Museum of Art, General Acquisitions Fund, © Luis Jimenez / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Stop by the Center for Creative Connections this winter to see these newly installed works of art and participate in some fun new activities related to each.

Jessica Fuentes
C3 Gallery Manager

Friday Photos: Summer Progress

This summer, visitors to the Center for Creative Connections have participated in a communal drawing activity called Community at LARGE. Individual visitors enlarged one small portion of Progress Suite by Luis Jimenez and added their drawing to a large gridded wall, so that collectively they have created an enlarged reproduction of the original lithograph. Initially, it was exciting to watch as the blank wall slowly filled up with drawings and the image became recognizable. But now that each square has been drawn, the fun part has been watching as the drawing changes from day-to-day with the addition of new visitor contributions.

Here are a few short flipagrams of the evolution of my favorite squares.




Stop by the Center for Creative Connections during your next visit to the Dallas Museum of Art to make your own contribution to our communal drawing. Look for more photos of this project on Instagram and Twitter with #DMAlivingdrawing.

Jessica Fuentes
C3 Gallery Manager


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