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Friday Photos: Dreaming of Hill Country

I just returned from five blissful days of creativity and companionship at Lucky Star Art Camp. This was my second year to attend camp. Last year’s experience was pretty amazing, and this year did not disappoint! Last year’s post provided more of an overview of my time at camp, so this time I’ll share photos of the different workshops I took.

I spent my first morning with Lisa Seger of Blue Heron Farm in Food from Your Backyard. Lisa taught us the basics of raising a garden, composting, and raising goats and chickens. Though I probably won’t add any goats or chickens to our family in the near future (I can barely take care of my dog!), I was happy to learn more about gardening and composting. During class, we visited some chickens that Lucky Star camp founder Lisa Field brought for us to meet.



During Light Hunters that afternoon, photographer Vivienne McMaster led us on a journey throughout the beautiful grounds at Camp Waldemar. We took advantage of the gray weather and learned how to use different camera settings to capture as much light as possible. It was difficult to choose just a dozen images from the many I took that afternoon!

The next day, I learned about the many beneficial properties of different plants and herbs from Stacy Wooster during Plants & Practice. Our workshop ended with a very relaxing yoga session, and we walked away with an herbal antiseptic to spray on scratches and scrapes, a fire remedy for when we’re feeling under the weather, and an herbal tea that boosts the immune system.

Because I loved her workshop so much last year, I revisited my friend Corrine Gilman in Mixed Media Alchemy. Corrine describes herself as “a creativity cheerleader, a big rock obstacle mover, a doer and a maker of all things mixed media.” I can personally attest that these are all absolutely true. Being a tentative art-maker myself, I appreciate Corrine’s enthusiastic and gentle encouragement, and enjoyed three hours of playing with different materials.

I relearned how to crochet during Hook It Up! with Cal Patch. I crocheted as a young girl with my mother, but haven’t practiced in many years. I started making a cowl scarf, but three hours fly by when you’re a beginner (or second-time beginner), so I don’t have any finished products, or pictures, to share from this workshop.

And just like that, camp was over. I feel incredibly fortunate to have spent five days at Camp Waldemar, learning new things and exercising my creativity while relaxing with so many lovely ladies in beautiful Hill Country, Texas. If you are intrigued, join the Lucky Star gang from November 4-8 in 2015!

Melissa Gonzales
C3 Gallery Manager



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