Art Enthusiasts & Summer Adventurers–We Want You!

Summer is a great time for starting new adventures—be it diving into a new hobby, taking a day trip to a new place, or just spending an afternoon doing something new to you. This summer, the Go van Gogh outreach team would love to invite you to make one of your summertime adventures be volunteering to help us bring art experiences to children across the Dallas community!

What we do:

The Go van Gogh summer outreach program brings hour-long FREE art experiences to children in local libraries, recreation centers, Boys and Girls Clubs, and YMCAs.  Our summer Go van Gogh volunteers, who lead these programs, spend thirty minutes guiding students in interactive conversations about several artworks from the DMA’s collection that promote discovery and wonder. The second thirty minutes is all hands-on making—volunteers lead students in an open-ended art activity related to a theme from the program.

What can you expect from your summertime adventure?

  • Meeting other wonderful, like-minded passionate volunteers;
  • Learning about artworks in the DMA’s collection;
  • Flexing your art-making muscles (don’t worry, we’re not all artists ourselves!);
  • And–most rewardingly–spending fun-filled hours sharing your passion for the arts with children across the city.

So, why make this your summer adventure?

Museums are treasure chests that can teach us about the world we live in, and help us understand peoples across cultures and time. (Way to go, museums!) But museums are also places that can be difficult for everyone to get to, and therefore, difficult to discover and know (and love).

This is where Go van Gogh (and you!) come in! Our program, both during the school year and in the summertime, brings the fun experience of the Dallas Museum of Art to locations all across the city, and to students who may not (yet!) know what treasures there are to be found here. So spend your summer with us, and help introduce students to the adventures they can have at the DMA.

For more information about becoming a summer volunteer, and to submit an application, visit our web site.

Amy Copeland
Manager of Go van Gogh and Community Teaching Programs


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