Friday Photos: Food, Glorious Food!

As someone who spends a lot of time thinking about food, I’m a sucker for a still life with anything edible, especially if trompe l’oeil is involved. Walking through the galleries recently, I was excited to discover that two of my favorite DMA still-life paintings are currently on view: Still Life with Landscape and Munich Still Life. Still Life with Landscape has always been a favorite tour stop–kids love talking about food as much as I do, so it’s a fun, if hunger-inducing, way to kick off a Museum visit.

Recently, I’ve taken my passion for food beyond conversations in the galleries. I’ve begun an adventure in gardening at the Lake Highlands Community Garden, to try and grow just a little of the produce I eat. Now that the temperatures are warming up and transplants have had time to grow, the plots are full of spring vegetables—some of which will be ready for harvest this weekend! Below are pictures of the Lake Highlands Community Garden, its Butterfly and Donation Gardens, and a few vegetables that I hope will someday soon make a tasty, still-life worthy snack!

Amy Copeland
Manager of Go van Gogh and Community Teaching Programs


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