Friday Photos: Go van Goulash and Other Recipes for Great Outreach

Just this morning, Go van Gogh staff wrapped up the last of our Welcome Back training sessions for volunteers—school outreach is officially in full swing!  To get everyone back in a Go van Gogh mindset, we asked our returning volunteers to reflect on classroom teaching experiences by writing a “recipe” for what they think makes a great Go van Gogh program.

We asked to volunteers to:

  • think about the ingredients they’d need for a program to go smoothly,
  • consider the techniques they’d use to combine these ingredients,
  • and articulate what they hoped their efforts would yield.

Fifteen minutes and several cleverly-titled recipes later, we had a great mix of creative, thoughtful, and inspiring methods for teaching to send us off into the classrooms this fall.  See the photos below for tips on how we create the perfect Go van Gyro/Goulash/Stew!

Amy Copeland
Manager of Go van Gogh and Community Teaching Programs

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  1. 1 Melissa Gonzales October 14, 2013 at 10:50 am

    I love these recipes, Amy! What a fun and creative exercise to kick off the year and inspire the volunteers to think about how they can create a fun learning experience for students.

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