Friday Photos: South Dallas Cultural Center Family Night

Tuesday’s blog post highlighted our partnership with artists associated with the South Dallas Cultural Center.  However, this was not our first time to work with the Center.  For the past eight years, we have worked with students from the Center during the five-week Summer Arts at the Center program in a variety of ways.  Students view works of art in the DMA’s collections or special exhibitions that relate to the rotating program theme as a part of projects like online presentations created by teens and watercolor drawings with first-third graders.

A newer aspect of this annual partnership is the South Dallas Cultural Center Family Night at the DMA.  This is the second year that Thriving Minds generously provided buses to transport families from the Center to the DMA for an evening of exploring the galleries and artmaking.

Docents lead families in a tour of the Flower of the Prairie: George Grosz in Dallas exhibition.

Families work together to find patterns in a scavenger hunt of the African galleries.

Families create buildings inspired by paintings in the George Grosz exhibition using cardboard boxes and other fun materials.

The Family Night was a great opportunity for students to see the actual works of art that they discussed with DMA staff using color printouts at the Center, and they were excited to share with their parents and siblings what they had learned about these artworks.  We are especially grateful to include families in our annual summer partnership with the Center in these special evenings, and thank the Center and Thriving Minds for making them possible!

Melissa Nelson
Manager of Teaching in the Community

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