Friday Photos: Little Treasures

Did you know that we have 24,000 works of art in our collection?  And, did you know that only about 25% is displayed at one time?  That’s still a lot of art to look at.  My point is, who knows how many objects we skip over when we visit the Museum?

It’s hard not to miss the big stuff–who could walk by the Head of the rain god Tlaloc and not see its dominating face staring back at you? 

Head of the rain god Tlaloc, Mixtec culture, 1300-1500 A.D., gift of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Marcus in memory of Mary Freiberg

Well, that’s what I mean.  It’s really easy to get caught up with objects the size of Texas, figuratively that is.  Next time you’re at the Museum, I challenge you to look at the small stuff.  Think of it as an art and seek.  You’ll be surprised with all the little treasures we have nestled in cases, scattered all about the Museum.    

Here are a few of my favorites:

Images used:

  • Whistle with head, 19th-20th century, Holo culture, Africa, The Clark and Frances Stillman Collection of the Congo, gift of Eugene and Margaret McDermott
  • The Singer, Thomas Wilmer Dewing, c.1924, American, bequest of Joel T. Howard
  • Amulets of the Sons of Horus, 332 B.C.-395 A.D., Egypt, gift of Susette Khayat
  • Pair of frontal panels from ear ornaments, 900-1100 A.D., Peru, gift of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene McDermott
  • Two Piece Reclining Figure: Maquette No.1, Henry Moore, c.1960, England,Foundation for the Arts Collection, bequest of Margaret Ann Bolinger
  • A River in Normandy, Richard Parkes Bonington, 1824-1825, England, gift of Mr. and Mrs. Ward H. Reighley
  • Standing female figure, 14th-15th century, Indonesia, the Roberta Coke Camp Fund
  • 1933 Chicago World’s Fair Medal Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of General Motors, c. 1933, American, gift of David T. Owsley via the Alvin and Lucy Owsley Foundation
  • Model of Bodhgaya temple, 10th century, India, gift of David T. Owsley via The Alvin and Lucy Owsley Foundation
  • Standing woman, first half of 6th century B.C., Greece, Foundation for the Arts Collection, gift of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Clark

Happy hunting,

Loryn Leonard
Coordinator of Museum Visits


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