Friday Photos: Mystery Artwork

Last Friday, I presented clues to the first mystery artwork. I hope you enjoyed searching online or visiting the museum to find the answer.
The mystery artwork is…….
Eros lamp holder

Date: early 1st century B.C.
Dimensions: Height: 22 1/4 in. (56.515 cm)
Medium: Bronze
Dallas Museum of Art, The Eugene and Margaret McDermott Art Fund, Inc., in honor of Anne Bromberg’s 30th anniversary with the Dallas Museum of Art.  

Click here to learn more about the Eros lamp holder.

I present to you the second mystery artwork.

Take a closer look and you will see coils of fiber and metal hooked together.

Mystery Artwork #2

  1. I increase in size from top to bottom.
  2. I can only be worn by chiefs.
  3. I can also be seen with a wavy-edged scepter.
  4. My name means to sing.
  5. The presence of metal disks signifies wealth and prestige.

What am I?

You have one week to guess! Click on collections and begin your search. We also invite you to join us tonight as we celebrate our romance-inspired Late Night event.

Best Wishes,
Karen A. Colbert
Teaching Programs Intern

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  1. 1 MegDiRienzo February 20, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    I found it, I found it! The DMA has such an amazing collection of African art. I miss those galleries, not to mention the wonderful folks in the Education Department. Thank goodness for blogs. I love seeing what y’all are up to!

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