Interview with Visitors Services Staff

Ginan Kalenik, Visitor Services Manager

One of the first individuals a DMA visitor encounters is a member of the Visitor Services staff. This team works hard to ensure that all visitors have enjoyable experiences during their museum visit. Ginan Kalenik, Visitors Services Manager, recently answered questions related to her position at the Museum.

Name and Title: Ginan Kalenik, Visitor Services Manager

Years Employed at the Dallas Museum of Art: Six years employed; twenty years as a Visitor Services  volunteer prior to that.

Describe your job here at the Museum: Visitor Services sells tickets to our visitors and answers visitors’ questions.

What is your favorite part of your job? Helping an excited visitor plan their experience at the DMA.

What is a challenge you face in your job? Helping visitors understand that there are rules of conduct in the museum that are intended to preserve the art, not to prevent them or their children from having a good time.

How did you decide you wanted to work in a Museum? I’ve always loved museums, especially art museums.  I decided to volunteer to be a part of the new museum when it opened at its current location.  At an opportune time there was an opening to join the staff part-time, and that morphed into a full-time position.

If you weren’t working at the Museum, what is something else you would be doing?  I would be back on my former career path in a corporate environment as a Project Manager dealing with technology.

Amy Wolf
Coordinator of Gallery Teaching


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