The Wise Llama

What do a llama and an urban planner have in common? Not much actually, but they did briefly share an office.

This photo depicts the day that Nora Wise brought Sir Lancelot, a pure white llama, wearing a textile from John Wise Ltd. around its neck, to the office of Robert Moses, New York City urban planner. Sadly, it is unknown why Nora took a llama to visit the urban planner, but it looks like he found the gesture quite amusing.

The image is from the John and Nora Wise Papers.

Update: Robert Moses was the President of the 1964-1965 World’s Fair, so it makes more sense that he would be visited by Sir Lancelot, during the llama’s day at the Fair.

Hillary Bober is the Digital Archivist at the Dallas Museum of Art.


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