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A HI-C Avenger in C3

John Hernandez, HI-C Avenger, 1992, acrylic on wood, Dallas Museum of Art, Texas Artists Fund

John Hernandez, HI-C Avenger, 1992, acrylic on wood, Dallas Museum of Art, Texas Artists Fund

The Center for Creative Connections was honored to host two workshops this weekend with the artist John Hernandez. Hernandez, a well-known artist based in San Antonio, received his MFA from the University of North Texas under the tutelage of artist Vernon Fischer. His work is accessible to people of all ages, and a reminder of a pop-culture past. Our visitors were thrilled to have the opportunity to talk with Hernandez about his work and engage in a hands-on experience on Thursday evening during the C3 Artistic Encounters workshop.

Hernandez answering questions about his work

Hernandez answering questions about his work

The workshop guided participants through a process Hernandez uses in his own work to design maquettes for his larger installations. Combing through magazines, participants pieced together images in a surreal way, affixed them to cardboard, and then transformed them to pop out of foam core.

John Hernandez demonstrating

John Hernandez giving a demonstration

Deborah creating her collage

Deborah creating her collage

Hernandez joined us again in C3 during our Late Night on Friday evening for a toy sculpture workshop. Similar to the way in which Hernandez creates, visitors pieced together vintage toys to create new creatures of their own. Morphing one toy into another, cutting pieces of something that once was in order to create something new and different, gave visitors a closer look at the process of the guest artist.

Toy Creations

Toy creations

The next time you are in C3, stop by to admire Hi-C Avenger by John Hernandez and take a closer look! What will you see?

Amanda Batson is the C3 Program Coordinator at the Dallas Museum of Art.


Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, July 14–30, the Museum will stay open until 9 p.m.  We are excited to use these extra evening hours to experiment with new programs for families and adults.  Below are just a few of the many programs you can experience during 9×9.  View the full 9×9 program schedule on our website.

Art Personality Quiz
Which famous artist are you most like? Take our Art Personality Quiz to find out. Then, wear that artist’s button and find other visitors in the galleries who share the same traits.

Artistic Encounters: Sky High
What does the Eiffel Tower look like from high above? Drop in and help us create a bird’s-eye view of Paris and then make your own picture of it.

StoryART Walk
Take a stroll through the galleries with our resident storyteller, Ann Marie Newman, as she makes works of art in the collection come to life through a storytelling performance.

Artful Tastings
Join Chef James Coulter in Seventeen Seventeen as he takes you on a culinary journey inspired by art from around the world. But don’t travel alone—join a friend and indulge in a tasting supper designed for two to share. Nine tastes gathered from Asia, North Africa, Europe, and the Americas will tease your “palette,” while a perfectly married cocktail will enhance your perfect summer evening at the DMA.

Artistic Encounters: Not-Your-Average Musical Chairs
Put your ears and eyes to the test and play this special edition, C3-style musical chairs with a special guest DJ.

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We hope you’ll join us!

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