Artist Encounters: Brian Fridge

Brian Fridge is an artist working primarily in video whose recorded explorations of time and space feel at once both physical and psychological. Brian is January’s Visiting Artist in the Center for Creative Connections (C3), where you can interact with him during Thursday Night Live’s Artist Encounters, a great way to spend a weekday evening. But first, here’s a little more about what inspires Brian.


1.      Why do you love art?
Art gives you the chance to be free from the purposes of everyday life
and to sometimes even relate to nature in a different way. And while
 nature has a predictable structure, there’s a kind of purposelessness in

2.      What is your favorite space to create in?
I usually like solitude when working and for me the best size space is not too big and not too small. I’ve often worked on art in whatever
living space I’ve had, and I think my artwork has benefited from that.

3.      How many years have you been an artist?
I guess since I was a kid, but after a year or so into college I changed my degree from advertising art to fine art. It was an easy decision to 
make, but it still seemed risky.

4.      Which artist or movement inspires you?
The work of American artist Edward Ruscha inspired me a lot early on. I really like the dry humor in his very simple paintings, but they are
 serious at the same time. He leaves so much to the viewer’s imagination.

5.      What are some of the exciting activities you have planned for January at the DMA?
I’m really looking forward to all of the activities of the month. One activity, which we will be doing tonight, will be to invent some apparatus or process that is meant to do the actual art making. The
artist sets things in motion, but chance will play a big part in the results.

Visitors participating in an Artist Encounters program during Thursday Night Live.

Explore the world through a lens with Brian. Bring your own digital camera, or borrow one from us (quantities limited) at Thursday Night Live. Who knows? Maybe you’ll unleash your creative side and become one of our future visiting artists. Hurry up though, as Brian only has two more Thursday Night Live appearances this month!

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