Giving Thanks at the DMA

Thanksgiving is a time where people gather with family and friends, enjoy turkey, stuffing, and an array of other foods together. This season it is also a time to remember all that we are thankful for in our lives. For this blog post, I asked my fellow DMA bloggers to divulge information about their favorite Thanksgiving dish. Also included images of works of art from our collection that celebrate food.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish and why?

Melissa Nelson: I love green bean casserole topped with French’s fried onions. There is no such thing as low-fat foods at my family’s Thanksgiving table, including vegetable dishes! My sister makes this every year.

Karen Colbert: Dressing, hands down. It is the best food for Thanksgiving.

Amy Copeland: Pumpkin pie – I love anything pumpkin!

Shannon Karol: My favorite Thanksgiving food is Polish kielbasa. It’s a family tradition that my Dad makes kielbasa for every holiday. I love the smell of it waking me up first thing in the morning!

Nicole Stutzman: Cooked turnips! I love them because they are tasty. They represent the hearty, root foods of the Midwest, where I grew up, and they are a part of my family’s Thanksgiving traditions.

Ashley Bruckbauer: Mashed potatoes all the way. This is my favorite food regardless of Thanksgiving. I especially like garlic or sour cream mashed potatoes. Yum!

Amy Wolf: I love pistachio pudding! The pineapples, cherries, and cool whip make it just sweet enough and delicious. I can’t eat enough of it.

Jenny Marvel: Admittedly, I enjoy eating pie…especially triple berry pie. There is something about ‘made from scratch’ desserts that brings a smile to my face.

Amy Wolf
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